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Why choose Smart Dashboard?

Smart Dashboard is a platform designed from the ground up to be embedded. There are no compromises. No shortcuts.

5 unique Smart Dashboard features that make
embedding analytics easy​

Modern data architecture—no more proprietary cubes

Outdated requirements such as “bring all your data into our data store or cube” today add unnecessary complexity to your application. With some solutions, you must design a complex system for data integration and keep the embedded BI data store in sync with your data sources.
With Smart Dashboard, you connect directly to hundreds of data sources and any data warehouse of your choice.
Deploy with single-tenant mode if you have a shared data model. If you have an isolated data model, use multi-tenant mode to maintain a single source for dashboards and publish across different tenants. Smart Dashboard is designed to accommodate scenarios common and uncommon.

Modern data architecture—no more proprietary cubes
 Powerful SDK tuned for all major frameworks

Powerful SDK tuned for all major frameworks

Embed Smart Dashboard directly from your application code using powerful JavaScript APIs. Work with any server-side technology such as .NET Core, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, or PHP. Work with any JavaScript framework—Angular, React, Vue, and more—and Blazor. We offer samples that target all major frameworks on the server and client side.
Syncfusion is the largest JavaScript framework vendor in the world. Thousands of customers have relied on our frameworks for over two decades to power some of the largest and most complex applications in the world. We know what it takes to offer and support an API that works for the long term.

Deploy anywhere—your data is always 100% under your control

Your application has unique deployment requirements. Whether it's on a public cloud, a private cloud, or your own hardware, Smart Dashboard is designed to be deployed in all these environments with simple configuration level settings. There are no dependencies that tie Smart Dashboard to specific environments.
Your data is always stored exactly where you want it. Smart Dashboard imposes no specific requirements on your data. If you are subject to data privacy standards and laws, rest assured that you can have precise control over how these are implemented and monitored.
Your application may be structured to run in a container management environment such as Kubernetes; on a cloud-specific scaling system like Azure App Services; or on a set of physical or virtual machines behind a load balancer. Your application may be running on Windows with IIS or Linux with Apache or another web server. Smart Dashboard supports all these environments and more.

Deploy-anywhere – your data is always 100% under your control
Single sign-on experience OAuth2 and OpenID

Single sign-on experience OAuth2 and OpenID

Share your application authorization and authentication infrastructure with the embedded analytics system powered by Smart Dashboard. Your users then log in once with one common login. OAuth 2.0 and OpenID standard-based identity providers are supported.
Enabling SSO allows users to use embedded Smart Dashboard without any friction. All security measures that you already have enabled, such as multifactor authentication, will work exactly as before.
With built-in administration and easy configuration, you can integrate custom OAuth 2.0 or OpenID Connect identity providers and enable SSO. Office 365 and several other common providers are supported out of the box.


Licensing is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an embedded analytics solution. Many solutions are priced by server, user, and various other metrics. These pricing systems leave you vulnerable to massive price changes as you scale.
Read the fine print for solutions stating that you only pay for certain kinds of users while others are free. When embedding, you simply cannot afford to make mistakes.
With Smart Dashboard, licensing is by application. There are no per-server or per-user fees. You simply pay a flat rate each month. You can also lock in the pricing for a time period of your choice.


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Schedule a 30-minute demo with our experts

Schedule a 30-minute demo with our experts

120+ known sources with support for thousands of other standard data sources

Integration with most common SQL and web-based data sources is available out of the box. Syncfusion is committed to ensuring that your data preparation experience is as smooth as possible. If you need to access custom data sources, we will work with you to make those available as well.

How it works

    Request an interactive demo with our technical team. Our goal is to learn about your specific needs and to provide options that work for you.
    Use our JavaScript SDK and server application to deeply embed our analytics solution right within your software or environment. We stand ready to help every step of the way.
    Deploy your software with embedded business intelligence for your customers. Your customers no longer have to export their data and work with another environment to obtain insights.


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